Q. I have a Millermatic 130 Mig welder, which I really like for .090 and up mild steel. My problem is thinner stuff like exhaust tubing. I either burn through or end up with a large pile of filler. Its strong enough, but ugly. I just can't seem to get the heat and wire speed right. (Submitted by: Dave B from Merrillville, Indiana)

A. Sounds like a wire problem. I'll bet you have .030 or .035 wire in your machine now. For the real thin stuff, try the .023 wire. Also if you are using the flux cored wire with the machine, that too will give you more penetration than you need. Try the .023 wire, reverse polarity, 75/25 mix gas. Hope this helps. If you have any other question, you can respond to the above address.