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Best welder in the world

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    dont nominate me...1st year punk is better


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      Welder helper !

      Originally posted by monte55 View Post
      So do I but leave the pic of the gal on. That was the only good thing that came out of the thread
      My 6010 just melted !
      Mustangs Forever!

      Miller equipment.


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        had a kid come out last week and put in a application, claimed to be a danged good weldor if not the best ive ever seen..... (first mistake) he also claimed to be able to read print and estimate jobs faster and better than my estimator (me) (second mistake)
        I get a fair amount of people want to work for me, I usualloy don't need them at the time, I have one I might give a spin next time something comes up.

        A while back I had the kid experience, nothing really bad and he was kind of modest but his pitch and he repeated this a couple time was that his Dad was a mechanic for 28 years and he had all the rotating parts to a 305 Chevy engine. Young guys and computers are about the worst, everyone that has played a video game figures to be some expert. Ranks right up there with welders with just enough experience to make a spart welding flat.

        Big difference between them and my neighbor, can call him, tell him where a truck is that he has never used, everything on it you need, the job is over in the county garage the other side of the county, etc. Leave him a bill, book on the dash. See you when I get back.


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          Originally posted by Cornerstone
          That does it,I'm moving to California!!
          Go to Alaska, Appears they hire anybody ! They do have standards there;
          unfortunately , they are very low .