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Arc Quality - Pro 300 vs Trailblazer

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    At Prax you have to go through a salesman, NOT the front counter a they are stuck with the pricing. This is true for almost any distributor. Western Canada is stuck going through AirGAs, AirGas sells to the distributor for pretty much retail so the distributor has to make a profit on it before they sell it to you at a higher margin.

    I deal with OXYpro as I know the owner quite well, though I still go through one of his salesmen.


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      I agree with Portable, I have the standard service-truck compressor, 12.5 horsepower Kohler driving a Champion/Gardner-Denver compressor head. Keeps up with a 4-hole K4000 Carbon gouger. When using a 1" impact, don't have to wait any longer than most truck shop air compressors for recovery time. Currently using '90's F350 4x4s, single rears, no problems putting a 250-300 amp engine drive and this air compressor on a truck, and staying under the typical 9000 pound GVWR.
      Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....