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Where to start on go-kart or hovercraft projects

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  • Where to start on go-kart or hovercraft projects

    Q. I'm interested in the idea of fabricating vehicles, and have little real formal training in welding.I have a 9 yr old son who is showing interest in go-karts, and I'm curious about hovercraft/ground effect machines. I'd like to make something for each of us to "play" with, but don't know where to start. My current setup includes: Oxy/Acetylene gas setup, (I have had a class in welding/brazing/cutting at
    the local tech. school), and an AC buzzbox. My father has a TIG/DC/AC welder, and a plasma cutter, but he lives in North Carolina, and I'm here in Indy-Car country. I expect to have a DC welder in the next 9 - 12 months. So, where to start? What to read, study, etc? (Submitted by: Mark from Clermont, Indiana )

    A. Wow, sounds like you have a big project ahead of you. The go-cart thing would be easy to accomplish with a good home MIG unit. Your hovercraft project will most likely need a more specific welder to do multiple metals. A good TIG machine would do it all. Popular Science would be the first resource I would check into for hovercraft dynamics and theory. They always have good projects and you should be able to locate them on the web. My pet project is a helicopter if I ever get out of racing. Your son will have a blast building a project like that. Especially if he can contribute to the creation of it. Hope this helped