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  • pulse mig aluminum

    I have a XR-A and was planning on using my pulstar 450. My question is does it have the capability at 60 or 120 pps to do a good job on aluminum. I use .035 wire and I have not tried it yet or had the need to try it yet, but I figured I would ask people that know and do this on a regular basis to get all the information and tips that I could.


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    I've not used that set up, but I've tried pulse using a 350p and push pull for aluminum. I REALLY didn't like the pulsing, I'm kinda a firm believer that pulse is a crutch for people that can't make pretty welds to lean on. Just my opinion.

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      If its the old Pulsestar unit I'm thinking of, it was a first generation pulser, that manually pulsed, ie, didn't use igbts. It was wayyyy too slow to effectively weld with.

      The machine didn't last too long in the market. In other words don't use that function.


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        I've got a Miller Optima pulser for sale or trade.
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