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  • Bobcat 225 hours

    Im looking at buying a bobcat 225 used hear locally and there's a place selling a fleet of them. They want $1950 so I was wondering what an acceptable number of hours would be for this price on this machine. The add claims that they're well maintained what ever they consider that.
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    Can you look at all of them ? Check the serial number to verify what year they are. Here's MILLER'S .
    What comes with it ? Are they on wheels ? Do you know anything about the seller ? Know anyone that works there ? Ask someone that maybe on site about them.
    Hopefully one of the tech guys will know about hours. It would depend on age.
    My 302 Trailblazer is a 2010 with 202 hours which I paid $2200.00 for with 100 feet of cable; stinger and ground. Your location may vary in price. Good luck .


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      If its a fleet, they are likely houred out, ie, past 2500 hrs. and for all intensive purposes, maintainance will be the cheapest of dinosaur oils, and extended drains.

      $1950 is wayyyyy high. The machines they don't sell will go for auction at a fraction of that price.


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        I wouldn't pay $1950 for for a fleet bobcat with anything over 1000 hours on it. You can find much better deals on craigslist ebay etc. having first hand seen "Fleet " maintaince it is most of the time very little and only when one of the employees complains enough or it wont run. To many times I went out to a service a call that said machine won't run and its because it doesn't have any oil on the dipstick. For a houred out bobcat ie anything over 2000 hours shouldn't be over 800 to $1000.00.
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