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Will Millermatic 185 weld racecar wheels?

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  • Will Millermatic 185 weld racecar wheels?

    Q. I am welding racecar wheels for a local manufacturer and I would like to MIG them ( I am TIG welding them now and it is using up alot of rod and time) and have a Millermatic 185. Will that welder do the job? What do I need if it will work? I am also buying a turn table to make it easier.The material is 6061t-4 with a wall thickness of .195 and it gets aged after to t-6. Thanks for a great web sight. (Submitted by: Randy Downs from Glendale AZ)

    A. There are quite a few companies MIG welding alum rims. Most are using the "pulse MIG" method. It takes an inverter type welding power source that can pulse the weld current hundreds of times per second. Your MM 185 can weld aluminum up to about 3/16". You need to weld these rims in the spray mode to keep spatter to a minimum. You don't want a lot of clean up work after welding. Another problem with spray welding is that you lose the ability to weld out of position - meaning you will only be able to weld in a vertical or near vertical weld position as gravity tries to take your molten weld puddle away from your joint. All in all I wouldn't recommend the MM 185 to do this work unless spatter is not a consideration, then you could drop the machine to a slight "short arc" to gain your bead control and out of position welding. I would use an XMT 304, Optima pulse control, and a S-22 or S-60 wire feeder.Hope this helps. Good luck!