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Spoolmatic 30A Aluminum Gun

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  • Spoolmatic 30A Aluminum Gun

    I bought a 1998 Miller Synchrowave 250 SN# KJ108307. I also have an older Spoolmatic 30A Aluminum push pull/gun (with 10 pin connector) and was wondering what it would need to adapt electrically to the Welder? The connectors match but I don't want to fry anything so I think I will wait to see if someone knows if it is okay or if I need to buy an adapter (part #). The charts are kinda confusing. Thanks!

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    Your Syncrowave is a CC machine,you need a CV power source like a Millermatic 251,252 etc.


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      Well that's what I thought, but on the 30A manual it says you can buy an adapter or a small unit (depends on the welder) that will allow this to be used with other welders. I wonder if there's a way to hook this up to a little 120 mig welder (for use on Aluminum sheet) that doesn't have any pin connector. I may have to figure out what wires do what and make an adapter? It's either that or I can sale the thing. Thanks!


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        Here is Miller's spool gun hookup chart:

        The two optional adaptors in your manual are the WC-24 and WC-115 identified in the chart.

        You will note that the power sources identified in the chart are CV machines, or in some cases (like the engine drives), CC/CV machines that can be switched to CV operation.

        If you really need a wire feeder that will work with a CC machine, you need a Voltage Sensing feeder, like the 8VS and 12VS. Even then, these will work better on a CV power source.

        There are some other spool guns that will connect to smaller Millermatic machines with the SGA-100, but it does not appear the 30A will do so.


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          Thanks !