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  • Miller Wiring???

    I know this is around the forums, just wanted to make sure I was correct on what I'm personally doing. I bought a 1998 Miller Synchrowave 250 ACDC welder (Single Phase) SN # KJ108307. It had a big aluminum 480 Plug, using the Black, red, and green. I pulled the cover, and changed the taps for 230V, to match the 230 60A disconnect in my garage. I was installing the 250V 50A three prong welders plug, and it said to use Black, White and Green wires. The Welder had the White capped off inside the case and the original plug and was only using the Black, Red and green. So my question is, can I use the Red wire in place the White? Let me know. Thanks!

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    wire color

    The welder doesn't care what color the wires are. Connect the 2 flat lugs to the black and red wires and the green to the round lug. The ends in the welder connect the red and black to the 2 L terminals the green to ground.
    if you are using a 60A disconnect and it is fused, use 50A fuses. If the circuit is protected by a breaker use a 50A breaker. You are using a 50A plug and no component of the system should be of lesser value than the breaker/fuse designed to protect it.


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      The 60's will be fine with the 50A hardware in this case.


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        Thanks Sherry and Caddidadday55!


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          Something to remember as some of these machines were wired for hi voltage used a smaller wire, it needs to be sized for 230.