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Is Millermatic 130XP sufficient to weld .0095 tubing?

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  • Is Millermatic 130XP sufficient to weld .0095 tubing?

    Q. I have an old VW Rabbit that I want to start racing in some local SCCA events. What I want to know is would a MILLERMATIC 130XP be sufficient enough to weld .0095 inch mild steel tubing for a roll cage? I will also want to do some exhaust work, and other small sheetmetal fixes. (Submitted by: Jim Bain from Windham NH)

    A. Your MM130XP should be fine for .095 tubing. Use an .030 size ER70S-6 wire and a 75/25 mix gas for your roll cage and switch to a smaller .024 size wire for exhaust work and small sheet metal. Make sure you have a big enough circuit breaker (20 Amp or larger). If you use an extension cord, it too must be oversize. Preferably a 10 GA cord.Hope this helps. Have fun!