Q. I am currently a student at the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology. My question for you is I will be graduating from the institute in March and I am highly intersted in welding roll cages for nascar teams or any type of racing team and I would like to know the best way to get my foot in the door. (Submitted by: James C Walters from Troy, OH)

A. Most of the larger race teams like someone with experience in race car fabrication. This is good and bad. Rarely do they hire off the street but they pay better for people they do get. I would try to get work welding race cars at a local race car builder or try some of the builders that supply cars for the NASCAR industry. (Billy Hess, Townsend Race Cars, Childress Race Cars, Lefthander, Port City, Hopkins - there are a ton.) This way you can learn the fine art of tube bending, chassis geometry, assembly and all the proper terminology involved in the race industry. Then you'll be more marketable to a larger race team. You could also take a few classes in motorsports fab. Quite a few tech colleges in the South East are offering these types of classes. There are also some web sites that have job listings too. (racingresume.com and jayski.com) click on racing jobs in the left scroll menu. Jayski also lists schools that offer motorsports programs. Hope this helps. Good luck.