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What's recommended to weld a hot rod frame?

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  • What's recommended to weld a hot rod frame?

    Q. I have an oxy-acetylene welder and want to know if it's adequate to weld up a hot rod frame (23-T). If not, what would you recommend? (Submitted by: John Woodson from Unknown)

    A. I personally would like to see you MIG weld that frame together. It will be lots faster, less distorting and overall a prettier weld! I would recommend a 230 volt machine like our Millermatic 210 or Millermatic 175, .030" ER70S-6 wire and 75/25 arg/co2 gas. This would also be great for doing all the sheet metal and floor boards too. If you don't have 230 volt in your shop, get yourself a Millermatic 135. It uses 115 volt house current. Good luck with your project!