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    Love the Miller Elite Helmets. Auto on, auto darkening, automobile, what? Only if a girl knew how to be so auto!!! Can't wait to get a new 9400!
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      Originally posted by jbomb View Post
      All you should ever need is a pipeliner hood!!! Never have and never will use a auto tint
      i like auto dark especially doing handrail or even decking. got a fibremetal with shade 12 in it.


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        Originally posted by drpipe View Post
        Does it bring you coffee or grind your bead ..... Sold!! Lol
        trying to train one to bring me beer at lunch


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          bad thing about ad lense is they are not foul weather proof. so jbomb and drpipe win this one imo


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            i have an old Jackson with the eqc pro variable ive had since 2005 it still works like the day i bought it been fabricating with it every day that thing is great for mig or stick but id like to get a titanium or elite series for my tig


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              New hard hat titanium 9400 papr

              I NEED INFO ON THE NEW HARD HAT PAPR!! I saw it in a miller brochure at my local welding supply store.

              Anyone with info on this please I am going to need this soon as I will be doing an install soon and hard hats are required but it is a tight place with no air flow so I want to be able to use my new PAPR.


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                Anyone interested that new headgear for the Titanium series is only 20.00 - ordered and received one from my local AirGas supplier. I actually got it because it looked more comfortable and easier to adjust, liked the idea of the double head straps across the top. Thought it would fit my Optrel e380 but no go, maybe my Jackson will benefit from it, haven't tried yet.
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