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Tips for welding tubing

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  • Tips for welding tubing

    Q. I am a big off road fan. I have built some bumpers, moved springs mounts, and other things along these lines. I have a Millermatic 130XP that I weld with right now. I just got a tubing bender and have been playing with it. I am having tough time welding tubing. Do you have any tips or tricks for me? I think welding with TIG in this sitaution would be better but, I can't afford a TIG welder anytime soon. I will buy a TIG welder someday but, I am nervous. I tried to stick weld once and it wasn't a good scene. Is there a big diferent between stick and TIG as far as difficulty? Thank you for time!! (Submitted by: Shaun Tudor from Riverside Ca)

    A. Mig would be the way to go with your tubing. Tig is great too, however it is much slower and takes a bit more skill. Stick is definitly not the answer. It's too hard to go around in tight areas and takes a ton of clean up after welding (spatter and slag). Try setting your machine to "push" the puddle instead of "pull". Pushing the gun forward allows you to see the joint and puddle flow much better. You may have to go around the tube in sections - a half or quarter around at a time.Hope this helps