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Millermatic 35: How to set it up and what it can do

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  • Millermatic 35: How to set it up and what it can do

    Q. I'd like to know some info. about my welder. My welder is a Millermatic 35. I'd like to find out if my welder can do a spot weld or a tack weld on a car. Please tell me the best way to set up the machine . (Submitted by: Tony Ayala from Unknown)

    A. Depending on the thickness of material, I assume it's thin gauge stuff, you will probably set your machine on the low tap, range 2 or 3 and 40% to 60% on wire speed. (These settings will vary depending on your input power.) Try to use an .030 or .023 ER70S-6 wire and make sure your contact tips are in good shape. Tacking sheet metal requires a lot of starts and having a new tip will make arc starting easier. Also hold your gun at a slight angle to the joint instead of straight on. This forces the wire to contact the side of the contact tip, giving more accurate and positive starts.That machine should be great for what you are doing.