Q. I have recently purchased a Syncrowave 180SD TIG welder and I was wondering what size of tungsten and what type of filler rod I need for welding body panels? I would also like to know what pressure to run my argon at. (Submitted by: Jeff Lasko from Alberta ,Canada)

A. Congrats on your new 180SD.Body panels are tough because they are so thin and not always of good metal. I use a 1/16th or a .040 Thoriated (2% red band) tungsten. Sharpen it to a point lengthwise. You can use a standard 1/16th ER70 filler or even a Silicon Bronze type filler if you want easy finishing. Set your flow gauge to read 12-15 cfh. If you are using a gas lens, you can reduce the flow rate some. Make sure you don't weld too long in one area - the body panels will warp.