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How to test after TIG welding 4130 Chrome-Moly

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  • How to test after TIG welding 4130 Chrome-Moly

    Q. What do you recommend for testing after TIG welding 4130 chrome moly on a sprint car chassis? (Submitted by: Jeff Hargrave from Mapleton, MN 56065)

    A. Because TIG welding is more operator-involved, it's hard to set specific parameters for welding. You should make sure of your toe tie-in by visual inspections, die penetrant or send some sample pieces to be x-ray tested. This will at least tell you if you are at or near the right amperage, travel speed and filler deposit rates. I assume you have done your own destructive tests on tube samples in order to qualify proper filler metal selection. Don't assume you need 4130 filler for your application. I actually wouldn't recommend it. An ER80S-D2 would be a good starting spot with ER70S-2 as a second choice. Hope this helps.