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Why MIG welders may not have same penetration

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  • Why MIG welders may not have same penetration

    Q. I just got an older Sidekick(120volt) MIG welder. My buddy's machine down the road (both are set for 110 volts) seems to have more penetration in the 1/4 inch and thinner - what goes on here? We both are set up for CO-2 with the flow- meter at about 25. (Submitted by: Dave Knuteson from Wis.Rapids,Wi.)

    A. Unless you are welding at the same location, your primary power can be different from your home to his. The best way to measure this is by checking the voltage drop while welding. Make sure you are not using any extension cords and have the same type and size wire and wire speed. If you still seem to have less penetration with one of the machines, have them load-tested at a service station that works on MILLER products. It is possible you have a diode problem in the rectifier, or a contactor that is worn and can't pass the necessary amperage. Hope this helps.