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What is the best rod for welding 304 stainless to cast steel?

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  • What is the best rod for welding 304 stainless to cast steel?

    Q. Hello, I taught myself to weld on a Syncrowave 250 TIG machine. I am now trying to modify a stock cast steel exhaust manifold for use with a turbocharger. I am wondering what your recommendations are for what rod to use? I was thinking nickel, but someone mentioned 308L or even 309. Oh yeah: I will be welding 304 stainless to the cast steel. (Submitted by: John Stimpson from unknown)

    A. Wow, you sure have a tough one. You might be better off welding paper to gold. The two completely different materials in an environment that is subjected to many heat cycles will most likely crack no matter what filler you try. If you are bent on trying, I would try a Silicon Bronze (SiBr) rod. It should flow easily with the cast and still be somewhat compatible with the 304. Preheat the material and wrap it in a themo blanket or pack it in dry sand to cool slowly. Dont be surprised if it takes a good day to cool. Don't rush cast! You may be better off to make your own exhaust manifold like headers. Sorry I don't have a good answer for this one. If you figure it out, let me know!

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    Dont know if this will help, but castolin eutectic has a rod (680 & 680cgs) that we have used in the to weld up cracks in a water cooled shear,
    this shear get alot of thermal expansion at each turn around, we tried 7018, flux core wire but weld kept cracking, once welded with eutectic rod weld did not crack and was able to make it to p.m. schedule.
    could contact company and see if they have a rod for your application.


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      "7 Year Itch"

      Wow! This one must have gotten lost in cyberspace...............August 2002?
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        Originally posted by davedarragh View Post
        Wow! This one must have gotten lost in cyberspace...............August 2002?
        Just dig into the archives and go to last page. There are a load of these.
        Pretty cool to see how Miller got this forum up and rolling.
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          Still waiting.!!

          I am sure after this much time they figured out what to do, or not to do..


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            ive used 312 stainless on castings, tough stuff, dont know to much about it mixing with your stainless, but it surely will stick to cast steel, preheat to 400 and wrap all your old leathers over it for controlled cool when done


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              I have no experience welding cast...but from what ive heard from people who have, is use some rod with high nickle content, weld a bead onto the cast. Then weld to your previously welded nickle bead with 308, and allow to cool packed in sand.

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