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The right machine for thinwall Chrome-Moly

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  • The right machine for thinwall Chrome-Moly

    Q. I want to build a custom ATV racing chassis out of thinwall chrome-moly tubing, mostly .035" x 1". I have a Millermatic 250 and an old "Bumblebee" AC-DC made by Miller. I am thinking I need a new TIG welder, and might like to do some aluminum too. My Millermatic is already set up with a spool gun, so I could forego the aluminum if the Maxstar 200 is that much better than the Econotig or Syncrowave 180. I'd really like to have the right machine for thinwall chrome-moly. (Submitted by: Alex Ocheltree from Gila, New Mexico)

    A. If you are satisfied with the performance of the Millermatic on Aluminum, the Maxstar is the way to go on thin wall Chrome-Moly. I switched a major stock car shop's machines from Syncrowaves to Maxstars and they love them. The Maxstar will give you better low end control and a very smooth DC arc. The Maxstar makes it's DC about 100 thousand times a second verses the Syncrowaves 120 times per second. It's easy to see which unit will have better control. The Syncrowave 180SD is still a good machine if you are on a budget. The Econotig doesn't have the low end you need. Thanks again. Good luck!