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  • welders in series>?

    I have done it in the past with two SA200s, but is it possible to connect two, say, Bobcat 225s together to double the amperage?

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    Originally posted by mooseye View Post
    I have done it in the past with two SA200s, but is it possible to connect two, say, Bobcat 225s together to double the amperage?
    IN PARALELL.... Not Series....

    series would add and double the VOLTAGE.... not the amperage...

    I sure would not try it with any of the modern stuff with electronics inside.... they have too much smoke inside just waiting to come out in a big white cloud....
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      what in world you doing that for


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        A company I used to work for out of Florida tried that with XMTs. They done it for arc gouging (carbon arc). To their dismay those machines would no longer hold a stable arc. You could fire up with your tig torch and start out welding, 20 seconds or so into welding the amperage would jump to volcanic heat then seconds later die to 30 amp range then back and forth. All the while trying to weld on something around the 130 range.


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          never tried it. dont believe i will. but i will try 6011 dipped in water with high amps. someone told me that can be done


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            Unlikely you did it with 2 SA200's because one unit MUST know its the slave, and one unit MUST know its the master. So the idea is to adjust one machine with the other one matching it


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              2-2. Equipment
              The following equipment can be successfully paralleled:
               DC Constant Current (CC) Rectifier-Type Power Sources
               DC Constant Current (CC) Inverter-Type Power Sources
               DC Constant Current (CC) Rectifier Engine-Driven Power Sources
               AC Constant Current (CC) Transformer-Type Power Sources
              The following equipment is not recommended for paralleling:
               Most DC Constant Voltage (CV) Power Sources
               Brush Commutator Design Engine Driven Power Sources
               Motor Generator DC Power Sources
               AC Engine Driven Power Sources
               AC Inverter-Type Power Sources

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