Q. I have a Miller Dialarc HF TIG welder and I have been welding 4130 tubing, and now I want to weld .063 Aluminum. Can you tell me the right machine setting for welding Aluminum? (Submitted by: Danny Sutton from unknown)

A. You should use your Dialarc on the AC setting with the H.F. switch in the continuous mode. Set your amperage based on material thickness. Example: 1/8th is equal to .125 inch thickness. Start your amperage above 125 amps. I would go about 150 and use the foot pedal to fine-control amperage. For .063, start your amperage around 80 or so.
Use a green tungsten and make sure the tungsten size is large enough to handle the amperage. If you experience an excessive amount of "balling" at the tungsten, use a larger size. For .063, a 1/16th tungsten should be ok.
Good luck.