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Push-pull set-up for MIG machine

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  • Push-pull set-up for MIG machine

    Q. In a previous answer to a question you mentioned setting up a MIG machine to push the puddle rather than pull. I understand pushing and pulling the puddle but how do you "set" the machine for the different process? I have a Millermatic 200 w spot/pulse panel which I use for everything from body/panel repair to heavy fabrication. (Submitted by: Ernie Leopold from Imperial, PA)

    A. As for the push-pull set up - It's mostly a wire speed adjustment between pushing the gun or dragging the gun. You will find it necessary to change wire speed to achieve the proper short circuit action. When you drag the gun, the wire tends to be hitting preheated material and will give a bit more root penetration but higher narrower beads. Pushing the gun will give a flatter better toe tie in bead. For thinner materials I recommend a push in order to reduce the chance of burn through. Pushing the gun also gives the operator better view of the weld joint.
    Miller has a great book called Gas Metal Arc Welding. It has great illustrations as well as indepth diagrams and charts.