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Miller Spectrum 625 Resistor R1value on PC1

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  • Miller Spectrum 625 Resistor R1value on PC1

    Does anyone know the value of R1 resistor on PC1 or even the colors on it, mine blew and I can't make up the colors to replace it.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    D18 diode blown on Miller Spectrum 625 Plasma Cutter

    There is also a diode D18 on the bottom left of the card, blown beyond recognition on the PC1 card of this Miller Spectrum 625. Can anyone provide the text written on this diode.

    Thanks for the help


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      Did you ever have any luck repairing this issue a am in the same predicament.
      Thanks john


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        Have you tried calling the Miller Tech line? I gave them the board part number and the component number (like R4, D18 or whatever), and could get the component specs from them. The tougher thing is actually finding a similar OEM component- I still can't find a radial lead enamel wirewound 5W 1 ohm thru hole resistor... Trying an axial lead in its place...


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          I have not tried that i will try calling tomorrow and see what they say. if not i think i found some one local that will let me look at theirs and compare so hopefully one way or another i will get my answer and respond back to this in case some one else has the same issue


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            Just curious as to whether or not you had any luck Kirby? My 625 will run the pilot arc but that is it. It will not produce any cutting arc. It acts as though the ground circuit is not working but that circuit checks out. It happened occasionally and then pretty much all the time now. Machine is unusable. No lights on the panel. Repair shop put an entirely new torch on it and properly installed the consumables but that had no effect. Two local welding equipment repair shops (including certified Miller shop) could not troubleshoot the problem. Machine has about 120 hours total time on it. Any thoughts??? Thanks for any input.


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              Dal i would try another repair shop there is no reason that a certified tech. would NOT be able to fix it.


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                DAL, does the pilot arc jump to the workpiece if you have the tip close to the workpiece but the pilot pointed slightly away? Sadly, there aren't too many off the board things to check (and it sounds like you already had those checked). If the work clamp circuit checks out, and the torch checks out (why did they replace the torch?) it sounds like it could be the arc transfer circuit isn't working. Just about everything on that machine is a board level repair, so you would probably have to find a shop capable of doing board level troubleshooting.