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How to set up pulser unit specific to the TIG process

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  • How to set up pulser unit specific to the TIG process

    Q. I have a Snycrowave 250 and added the pulser control box for welding of thin guage metals. I have not been able to locate much in the line of information on how to set up the pulser unit specific to the TIG process. I am not a professional welder but more like a serious hobbyist. (Submitted by: Russell Moncrieff from Unknown)

    A. Your pulser probably has 4 adjustments to it. Lets use 1/16 steel as an example: Set your machine's main amperage to desired upper limit - let's say around 100 amps. Set the pulser's peak amperage setting to about 80 to 90% - so roughly 90 amps. Set the pulse control's background amperage to a low level enough to keep the arc established but not high enough to keep the puddle melted. Let's try 35%. Set the pulse per second to 1. Set the % on time to approx. 60%. What this will do is pulse the machine at 90amps, 1 time per second for about 6/10th of a second, then drop to about 30 amps to let the puddle cool for 4/10th of a second. You can adjust the pulses per second to match your filler deposition rate (every time the machine pulses to a high level, dip your filler) or to get different types of bead appearances. If you feel you need more heat, try raising the main amperage of the machine or adding % on time.