Q. I have been researching to buy a wire welder. My question is what is the difference between what is called a live torch and a trigger controlled unit? When I read the info on boxes it mentions about the adjustable wire feed but nothing about live or non live torch feature. I want to get the most value for my dollar even if does cost a little more out front. I read that the non live torch is better for the new welder, which I am. (Submitted by: Philip Kelly from Grass Valley Ca)

A. Stay away from the live torch units. They are cheaper units and you won't be satisfied with them. A trigger unit has the trigger mounted on the gun. When you are ready to weld, pull the trigger and the weld power begins. Live torches have power at the torch all the time. If you lay the gun on anything grounded, it will start welding away. The trigger units are easier for tacking things together and for thinner material too. All Miller wire feeders are trigger units. If you are looking for a 115-volt unit, our Millermatic 135 is the way to go. Our Millermatic 210 would be a great 220 volt unit. Both are easy to use.