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Is MIG welding Chrome-Moly safe?

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  • Is MIG welding Chrome-Moly safe?

    Q. Can you safely weld chrome-moly tubing with a MIG welder? If so, what wire, gas etc.? (Submitted by: mark holden from sautee ga)

    A. MIG welding Chrome-Moly can be done. I prefer TIG. Some santioning bodies do not allow MIG welding of Chrome-Moly. However if you choose to do so, the type of wire will depend on the application. ER70S-6 or ER80S-D2 should do with 75/25 mix gas. The key will be your stress relieving after welding. This should be done around 1100 deg F. Use a 900 deg temp crayon or temp stick (Tempil makes some good ones, and mark about 3/4" to 1" away from the joint. Use a torch with a neutral flame and move about the joint until the temp mark changes. Do not force-cool the area after weld or stress relieving.