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Tricks to building go-kart frame

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  • Tricks to building go-kart frame

    Q. I asked you a question in the past about what material to use to build a go-kart frame. I was wondering if you knew any little tricks to building a frame in a school welding shop or at my home garage? If this is not your area can you please direct me to someone who might be able to help me set up some plans for doing this? Thank You. (Submitted by: Jeff Yannetta from Unknown)

    A. The best material for the Kart would be Chrome-Moly. Unfortunately the best way to join Chrome-Moly is to TIG weld it. Not knowing if this will be a problem for you or not. Miller offers a couple of economic TIG units. The Syncrowave 180SD would be my choice. has some good info on technical stuff like front end geometry and design. There are quite a few suppliers of karting equipment. Try a search on "karting". Hope this helps.