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  • Looking for MIG accessories

    Q. I am planning on buying myself a new welder by next summer. A main requirement is that I wish to be able to MIG on sheetmetal/autobody and auto frames, from the thick frames of a '60s truck to new foreign cars. I also want a gas-powered unit. I was thinking the Bobcat 225 NT. What would you suggest for MIG accessories for this machine? Thanks for the help. (Submitted by: Chris Rokke from Unknown)

    A. The best unit for your projects will be the Millermatic 210. It is versatile enough to do all you need plus it will run off your Bobcat's aux power! And as a bonus, we are offering thru Dec. 31st, an Aluminum spool gun free with the purchase of a new MM210. A lot of new cars are coming out with Aluminum substructure and bracing, so the spoolgun would be a great addition to your machine list. Hope this helps. Good luck