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Looking for the right MIG welder

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  • Looking for the right MIG welder

    Q. I am going to begin a restoration project on a '55 Chevy Bel Air Hrdtp. I was originally going to purchase the Syncrowave 180 SD but I am reconsidering this machine for a MIG machine, possibly the Millermatic 210. My past welding experience was with stick on structural steel 1/4 inch and up. I no longer weld for a living and have little to no real experience with MIG equipment. I was hoping that you can point me to the right machine, and the type of work that I will be doing on the car is body work and a lot of welding on the frame, new motor mounts, transmission crossmember spring mounts, etc. I would like the machine for other projects in the future such as trailer hitches etc. (Submitted by: Sam Newman from West Covina CA )

    A. The machine with your name all over it is the Millermatic 210! It has the power to do your heavier frame and trailer projects, yet is sweet on the bottom end for body work. Plus, right now until Dec. 31st we are offering a free spoolgun with the purchase of a new MM 210. How cool is that? Now you can do your Aluminum projects too. The MM 210 is going to be easier to use than the Syncrowave 180, and for less money. Check out the Hobart Auto darkening hoods also. It makes seeing your work a lot easier when starting to weld.