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Anyone know what causes a loud "POP" when I pull the trigger on a MM211?

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  • Anyone know what causes a loud "POP" when I pull the trigger on a MM211?

    I've been mig welding for a few years now. I used a Lincoln 180C power mig for about two years with the 75/25% gas mix.

    I bought a MM211 and love it. However, I've noticed that many-a-time when I pull the trigger on the mig gun, the arc makes a loud "POP" sound. My Lincoln never did this.

    For the Lincoln and MM211, I use the same gas mix and flow, same size .030 Lincoln superarc (L-56) solid wire and the same 230v electrical outlet, as I did for the Lincoln 180 welder. Yes, all my metal joints are ALWAYS cleaned with a grinder / disc sander prior to welding. The surface is ALWAYS clean of oil, dirt, rust and mill scale.

    So, anybody know what I'm doing to cause this annoying "POP" with the MM211?

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    The 211 has a feature that Miller calls "smooth start". Sounds like yours may not be working right. IMO, this is a sales gimmick with little benefit. That "pop" is probably the wire being jammed into the work before a good arc is established then suddenly burning back to the tip (flash bulb effect). Try using a shorter "stick-out" and start with the nozzle closer to your work. Be ready to move when you pull the trigger. If the welder does have a problem take it to the dealer, there's nothing you can do at home to fix it.
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      My 250MM did the same thing until I sold it, used to really piss Me off!
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        Check your work clamp ( ground clamp ) to be sure you have a clean & solid connection !



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          You might need to increase your voltage dial setting a touch or decrease your wire speed dial setting a touch. Don't do both though.

          You could have the hub tension set to tight.

          Your drive roll pressure could be to light.

          Are you clipping the ball off the end of the wire before each arc start?

          How worn is the bore in your contact tip?

          You're using the correct sized contact tip right? .030 wire, .030 contact tip.

          Make sure you're using the correct V groove on the drive roll for the wire size you are running.