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What can I use TIG welding for?

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  • What can I use TIG welding for?

    Q. I just bought a TIG welder so I can weld on my racecar. I have been using a MIG welder, but I want the professional look that a TIG welder gives. What can I weld with the TIG welder on the chassis (examples)? Could I weld the cage with this, bumpers, etc? What else could I use it for? (Submitted by: Aaron Buscavage from Mobile, Alabama)

    A. Congrats on your purchase. You can weld anything metal with TIG. It's just a matter of picking the right tungsten for AC or DC applications and finding the correct filler material for the base metal you are welding. For mild steel 1018 tubing I use a ER70S-6 or S-2. You might even try an ER80S-D2. Use a 2% Thoriated or Ceriated tungsten, ground to a point for DC (steels) and a Pure tungsten, blunt or balled for AC (Aluminum) applications. Good luck and have fun. Remember, TIG takes a lot of practice. Don't get discouraged.