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    Q. Not only am I a race fan but I used to work for a race track as a flag man/clean up crew. Now I would like to start building race cars as a career/hobby. I am a certified welder and I just bought a Miller Dynasty 300 DX TIG welder. What I would like to know is, what is the highest quality tungsten recommended to use on aluminum, titanium, and chromoly, and what would the highest grade of filler metal be for each? (Submitted by: Brandon McGuffin from Unknown)

    A. Congrats on your purchase of the Dynasty. It by far is the best TIG unit on the market! I use the Ceriated(orange band) or Lanthanated(black band) tungsten in that machine for all processes. The filler selection would be dependant on the base metal alloy and type of service. Example: 4130 Chrome moly in a tube frame for racing would use either an ER70S-6 or ER80S-D2 filler to give the proper elongation. Now a 4130 lower control arm or center link of a steering assembly might use a 312, ER80S-D2 or Tig-tectic 680 rod. There's not one single filler for each type of material. Look at the purpose of the structure and figure out strength and elongation requirements and select a compatible filler.