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XMT 304 cc/cv 220v

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  • XMT 304 cc/cv 220v

    I recently purchased a used xmt 304. Upon looking up the serial number it dates to 1996 as a production year. I am fairly use to the machines. I know its drawing around 40 amps when I am using it to stick weld. I have never had to service these machines what kind of maintenance can I expect?? Should I be watching out for anything to go wrong with this particular machine?? Also I will be running it single phase. Does it matter what breaker to use? (50amp 60amp etc). I am currently set up with a 60 amp breaker in the garage. Is there a certain male end i should be putting on my power cable? Thanks for any input. Mike

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    Open er up, on the right side sits the output board, make sure all the 5/16 head bolts are within torque spec.

    the torque spec is writen on the board.


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      I think 1996 was the first year for that model...Bob
      Bob Wright