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best welding helmet?

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  • best welding helmet?

    Hi guys, I've got an swp helmet (don't even know if you have them in the US) but it's starting to not darken when it should and I've tried everything with it so it maybe time for a new helmet! Which helmet would you say would be the best for general use? As I'm now in my last year in trade school I need a helmet that'll be awesome for my mig and arc work in my workplace and still be good for doing tig while at school,

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    search young grasshopper and ye shall find hours of reading


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      Best welding hellmet

      There are many good welding helmets but the bestone regardless your skill level is miller digital elite the good technology is there for every thing you need to do


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        Dang! I spent all that time researching specs, prices, and trying on helmets and still didn't buy the "best." I'll just check here next time.

        Everyone has their favorite but only you can say what's best for you and your budget.



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          I still use the one i bought in 1979. It wasn't the best then but it lasted 33 years...Bob
          Bob Wright

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            Speedglas makes some pretty nice ones. I'd go with either that or Miller or Lincoln. The Lincolns have a pretty big viewing area.


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              Best Helmet - nominate Hornell Speedglas 900x

              Will say upfront my thoughts are based on a sample size of 1 autodarkening helmet... BUT I really love the Hornell Speedglas 9000x I bought over 10 years ago and is still working like a champ...

              The auto sensitivity and been just fine for in the shade and in the sun stick welding.

              For MIG. I'm finding I need to tweak the triggering sensitivity a bit.. I suspect with the MIG, the view of the arc is sometimes shielded from the helmet a bit more depending on how the line of sight works out... Glad I got the 9000x model that has the adjustable sensitivity.

              excellent helmet that has served me well and still going strong.
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                In 02 I purchased a 251 w/30A plus a 9000X offered at $125 with welder purchase.
                Hormell Speedglas now owned by 3M.
                This 9000X has always been a PITA outdoors no matter the sensitivity adjustment it would go dark without direct sunlight. Auto dark worked under an umbrella only, fixed shades the white numbers failed within a month with shade 5 only as set shades failed while welding flashing me. I always used auto-dark.
                I recently tried a friends 9000XX, wow shade 5 outdoors in the sun with auto dark once the arc is started. A vast improvement over the old 9000X even when it was working properly plus app 10X faster auto-dark reaction time.
                I called Speedglas two weeks ago was told the 9000X had many failure problems, gave them my serial number then received a discount on a 9000XX insert replacement.
                I was told this replacement has the same viewing area as the old 9000X not the larger viewing area like the newer complete 9100 series units.
                Sad part UPS porch drop delivered the 9000XX insert replacement with no signing of the delivered package, next day still no package found when I came home. UPS tracking stated "left on porch" yeah and also stolen off the open to street porch 29' from the street.
                This 9000XX (2X) replacement cost me $242.50 plus $12.50 billing purposes.
                Claim has been filed with UPS now waiting while they are "investigating". How long????
                Back to using the old broken 45 pound neck breaking Huntsman hood.
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                  best welding helmet?

                  I was looking at the miller fixed lens because of their large viewing area, has anybody tried them?


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                    I'm old school and just use the white fibermetal pipeliners and you can put a flip front on them of you want.


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                      you need two

                      I have a a miller digital elite for all my tig and in position welding, for all my pipe and smaw and most gmaw I use my old ass cheap flip up hood it was $15, 10 years ago. it is nice and light and bullet proof and I don't care if I break it.


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                        I have a miller mp 10 fixed shade and its great way better then the harbor freight auto darkening


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                          Fibre metal pipeliner with a cheap auto lens for stick mig. And a pipeliner with American optical cool blue lens for tog. Yes. I have one When you can weld you can weld the hood is just a luxury


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                            best welding helmet?

                            **** I hate auto correct it ain't ever correct just auto. Tog. Should be tig.


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                              Originally posted by cori.o'connell View Post
                              Which helmet would you say would be the best for general use? Thanks Coro
                              Optrel , your eyes and neck will thank you.
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