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1" stainless 308 pipe test

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  • 1" stainless 308 pipe test

    Hay fellas how y'all doing today, I'm a 2nd year apprentice with the UA with welding certs from UA72 in Atl. I'm practicing for a 1" 308 stainless open butt test, everything is running good cap, root everything is looking good all except i cant keep the fish eyes/devils eyes outta the thing. Ive tried to walking it out but i cant seem to get it most times. Oh yea this will be my first test to go out to work, I've welded on the job before but never had to test so this is kinda a trial by fire but the teachers at the hall in ATL are some of the hardest in the country so i know that they wont send me till I'm ready but anyway any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    1" sch40? around 3/16" thick 304 pipe 308 filler
    6G , 3 tacks 12,6,and 3o'clock
    tight 1/8 gap and 1/8 wire walking the wire kinda slow but staying off the walls
    root amps 50-55 cap (1/8 wire) 60-65 amps walking the cup
    when welding purge is 30cfm when cooling 5cfm
    I run half the root then let cool to the touch then other half let cool then run the cap from 6-9 let cool the 9-12 cool, 6-3 cool and 3-12 cool
    clean everything
    i think that's bout it y'all help if ya can them fish eyes are driving me crazy but if you see anything that might help then please tell me thanks guys

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    3/32 gap and wire will do a much better job. Less amps needed to keep the eyes out.I perfer to free hand that small diameter. Once you tie in the pass speed up till you are not melting thru the root then pull out.
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