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Do I need tungsten or filler rod?

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  • Do I need tungsten or filler rod?

    Q. Hi, I just bought a Syncrowave 180 SD welder. I want to weld some .058ths Chrome-moly tubing. What do I need for tungsten and filler rod, and what heat setting will I need for best results? (Submitted by: ken snyder from cherokee,ks)

    A. I would use a 1/16th, 2% Thoriated tungsten ground to a point lengthwise. Get some 1/16th ER80S-D2 filler. This will give you good strength and elongation percentages. I assume this is for a chassis or something similar. Your amperage will be set around 70 amps and fine-adjusted with your foot pedal. Use DC electrode negative and 100% Argon gas.