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Econotig board cooked...ARGH! Why??

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  • Econotig board cooked...ARGH! Why??

    OK men, yesterday a friend and I were working on building an small alum gas tank for a motorcyle..and he was welding on it when , aftter just a short time..he stopped and said..hmm..I think the foot pedal just quit..its does not seem to want to back off full power anymore. The welder was set about wide open on the dial..we were using AC...anyway..I came over and looked at the pedal..picked it up..smelled it..(nothing)..and I sat it back down and said..well..try it again and I will watch..he began to tack anothe rond boss on the 1/8 the 6061 plate, and as soon as he started the arc...I saw fire and sparks flying out from the welder..I hollered STOP...and he did of course..we took the cover off the welder and the board cooked off the suppressor onthe top left side and 2 components below it..had black arc marks on 2 spades from the trans coil...and likly damaged the second suppressor 2, as it looks kinda black....arghh..this welder is an older one..KF811906..SN 903367...but the dang thing really has very little time on it. I have used it in the past for light Crom-moly tubing on aircrasft repair..and little else..doubt if it has 50 hours on it. Anyway...I found the price of the board pretty staggering at opver 500.00...and so far, have found it at an online Miller dealer for 428.00...jeez...considering sending it to a repair shop, but I am concerned what caused it, and the reputation these seem to have, is it worth fixing. Also..My board..part number 164431 seems to have been superceded by a new number..165872. Can anyone tell me if this newer board might be better than the original?..
    I have attached a couple of the board..and one of the work,,,the 3 round bosses were all that was accomplished before this thing took a dump on me...withthe 4th one in the process of being tacked down when the failure occured. Any advice welcomed.

    Hmm..OK I wont post a photo..wont seem to let me..will try later

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    hopefully..attached are photos
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      I just replaced these on my 1996 model

      I just replaced these on my 1996 model econotig. It was Miller 164412 and this fixed it for how long I do not know. It was just sup 1 and sup 2 that I replaced.


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        By the way these were only a $2.50 each.


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          Cowdog..where did you get them?