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  • What size wire?

    Q. I currently am attempting body repairs to a '70 LeMans, '72 Nova, and '64 Falcon. I have a Millermatic 150 using 75/25 gas at 35 psig, and wire feed settings between 20 and 50 percent. I read the article in Powerclick as well as some of the questions and answers. I am currently using .030 wire in the unit with its stock M-15 gun. Is this wire really too much for the 20 gage patches I am applying? It really is a challenge to avoid burnthrough. I am sorry that I went to mechanical engineering school and have not been formally trained as a welder. Can you recommend a remedy? Thanks for your time, as I know it is going to be scarce in the weeks to come. (Submitted by: Jeff Gish from Unknown)

    A. You are in the ball park, however I would switch to an .023-.025 size wire. You will find that thin bodywork will tack and weld nicer. Also make sure your contact tube reflects your new wire selection. Wire brush the area clean to get good contact and weld in very short lengths or just a bunch of small tacks.