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diesel engine oil

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  • diesel engine oil

    What is the best engine oil for the Mits diesel ?

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    Been using 5-40 synthetic Connoco Triton EC for the last year. Seems to be working well for my customers


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        diesel engine oil

        Haven't seen that in California how about chevron Dello 5-40 ?


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          You should be able to find shell Rotella. California gets rather warm so stick with a Rotella 15-40


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            diesel engine oil

            Thanks for the input !


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              Most all diesel engines use 15w40, including my F250.
              In winter I go to 10w30 for slightly better starting.
              In extreme cold a 0w30 full synthetic will make sure the motor starts at -40 temps.
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                You can use any oil that has the api rating for diesel engines. Cj-4 rating


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                  I'm in California, I use 15-40 for everything. No confusion, engine oil is engine oil. Back in the '70's and the 80's,,, was even simpler, just use series 3 30w for everything, never once shut an engine down due to improper oil.
                  Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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                    Shell rotella t and don't look back
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                      Engine oil is NOT engine oil anymore.

                      For diesels that have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), mfg'd after 2007 1/2, diesels in Cali have all have that piece of crap parasite. The "CJ-4" rating is mandatory, otherwise the DPF will get screwed up. (I'm talking basics here to make my post short).

                      I would suggest any of the 100% synthetic DIESEL oils, which usually is a viscosity of 5w-40. The non synthetics usually are now 15w-40. Remember, once the diesel is at normal operating temperatures, a 5w-40 is the SAME VISCOSITY as a 15w-40, as is a straight 40 weight oil. Going from 10w-30 to 15w-40 is NOT GOOD.

                      People don't realize that the first number before the "w" is how the oil performs when cold ONLY. the "w" means "winter." So, a 5w-40 is BETTER FOR STARTING any cold engine, versus a 15w-40 oil.

                      In hot temperatures, a 5w-40 oil is NOT any thicker or THINNER than a 15w-40 oil. However, in cold temps the 5w-40 protects the engine crank shaft bearins and piston rings better than a 15w-40. People don't seem to understand this fact. Simply believing that switching from 40 weight to a thinner 30 weight is good for the engine is false. However, moving from a 5w-XX to a 15w-xx and vise/versa is fine.

                      That said, an "all year" "all temperature" synthetic DIESEL engine oil is "Mobil-1 Turbo Diesel Truck Oil" with a 5w-40 viscosity. It's pretty much the most expensive, yet it is an oil that can resist high thermal viscosity break down and yields virtually no sludge in the crank case with continued use.

                      Mobil-1's other brand is their "Mobil DELVAC 1 ESP." It is their commercial label for the commercial trucking industry and 99% the same formula as is their "Turbo Diesel Truck oil" label. Both oils also have extended drain intervals when compared to conventional non-synthetic engine oils.

                      You figure Mobil-1 has their stuff together. They are the number one producer of Turbine engine oils used in the aircraft industry. Last time I checked, their "Mobil Jet Oil 254" was still the number one choice in the industry. If they can make turbine engine oil to perfection, their diesel engine oil must be pretty good as well.


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                        Originally posted by Paul S View Post
                        Haven't seen that in California how about chevron Dello 5-40 ?
                        I use Delo 15-40 for everthing from the lawn mower to the biggest diesel engine.
                        Good Luck,
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