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What about polarity with stainless?

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  • What about polarity with stainless?

    Q. I have a Millermatic 250 (and a spoolgun). I am going to do some semi-production modifications on a stainless steel muffler part for a sport ATV. I will be doing at least a dozen of these and perhaps more. It is 304 grade, 16 gauge. I'm thinking 308L wire in .023. I have Argon and CO2 gas, do I need tri-mix Helium? I like CO2 and it is cheap, will it work for a muffler mod? Argon seems weird, I have tried it with mild steel when I have run out of CO2 and it seems to flare. I have always had a lot of trouble with spatter when I have tried stainless. What about polarity with stainless? (Submitted by: Alex Ocheltree from Unknown)

    A. I would use the 308Lsi type of filler if you can find it. It has more silicon content and will wet out better for you. Also always use the Trimix gas if you can. It too will give you better control and less spatter than a straight CO2 or Argon will. MIG it with the same polarity as you would mild steel (electrode positive). If you still need more wetting action, you can make a "poor man's" inductor by wrapping your work cable around an iron rod. This will help some spatter problems also.