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    Q. I am a welder of stainless steel and carbon steel. I have had a dream since I was a little kid of welding on NASCAR chassis, and the problem I am having right now is finding a place to start. I am willing to relocate and get additional training if needed. I have a A.A.S. degree in weldng tech. right now. I hope maybe you can give me some Info. (Submitted by: Corey Nothnagel from Spfd,MO)

    A. Most of the welders in NASCAR are also fabricators. There are very few dedicated only welders. Welding is a major part of the job. Schooling or experience in fabricating race cars would be a must. You can start by looking at some of the tech schools that offer motorsports fab classes. Catawba Community College is one of them. There are a few around the country. Or try to get experience at a local race chassis builder that might be looking for a dedicated welder or help out on a weekend race team to start learning the ins and outs of race car fab. When the big teams hire, they expect you already know how to make everything from crush panels to aluminum brake ducts and spoilers. There are a few online places to look also.
    Try or Right now there have been a few teams that have folded up. At last count I think there was about 600 fabricators looking for new teams. Getting experience will be a big help.