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  • What machine is best for me?

    Q. I was set to buy a Millermatic 135 except that reading some of your answers has caused me some confusion. I want to use the machine to fabricate parts for street rod frames(brackets,etc. ). Most frames, tubing and rollbar stock is usually no thicker than 0.125". From the specs on the machine I think it will be capable. However, I notice that most of the time you recommend the bigger machines. Why? I've also heard that the machine will trip the 20 amp circuit breaker if it is maxed out. I tryed one of my friends 130-XP and it seemed to weld 0.125 stock pretty nicely. I am ready to buy. Any comment would be appreciated. (Submitted by: Bob Girkin from New Hudson, MI )

    A. A couple of things lead me to recommending the next size up machine. One is the fact that most of these people will be using an extension cord with the unit to get around the car or chassis they are working on. An extension cord reduces the output of this machine unless you get the proper size conductor (which we know seldom happens). Also in an environment as in race car fabrication, the need to weld thicker material always arises. Rear end brackets, crossmembers, upper A arm mounts etc. If you can keep your unit welding under .125, don't exceed the duty cycle, and don't use an improper extension cord, you will be happy. I would stick with .030 and under size wires. The problem with people blowing 20 amp breakers is they usually are running an .035 wire, using an extension cord too small, or have other equipment or lights on that same circuit.