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Question on welding titanium

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  • Question on welding titanium

    Q. I just bought a Syncrowave 180 and I have a question on welding titanium. What kind of filler materials do they offer and what kind of process does it take to do that? (Submitted by: jared cochran from Unknown)

    A. Check with your local distributor for the type of Titanium filler they carry. There are many on the market. Most have a designation starting with ERTi. You will want to use a 2% Thoriated tungsten, DC electrode negative, and a gas lens if possible. Also a trailing gas or even an Argon tent or chamber. You will want to use a back dam or purge shielding gas if you are doing tubing. Titanium needs to be in an Argon environment until the puddle has cooled below around 800 deg F. Hope this helps. Have fun with your new machine.