Q. I own a small business where we build aftermarket performance parts for atv's. I plan to expand our product line to include chassis components, aluminum airboxes and oil tanks. This will require a machine capable of welding 1" x .035" wall 4130 tubing and .063 2011 grade aluminum sheet. Obviously weld integrity is most important but our customers also place high priority on the way a part looks. I have a Syncrowave 250 in my budget but I'm not sure it's exactly what I need. Can you recommend a machine that will produce the kind of results we are looking for? (Submitted by: Neal Oakley from Unknown)

A. The Syncrowave 250 is a great machine and the Dynasty is even better. The Dynasty is a bit more money but kicks anything else out there. The Syncrowave will be less money and draw more primary power than the Dynasty. Both units come in a package called a TIGRunner. This includes a water cooler, cart, foot pedal and welding machine. Get the proper size tungstens for the thin material. I would use a .040" or 1/16th Ceriated tungsten for your 4130, and 1/16 to 3/32 Pure or Lanthanated tungsten for Aluminum. Run your balance on the machine up around 7 or 8 on the dial. This will also help give you a better bead appearance.