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TIG versus MIG

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  • TIG versus MIG

    Q. I have used Millermatic MIG welders for years. I am looking for a welding machine that is good for roll cages, chassis, and stainless. I have heard that a TIG machine is the way to go. What advantage do you have when using a TIG versus a MIG for this type of application? Is the welding bead easier to apply and stronger? (Submitted by: Colin Onaka from Holualoa, HI)

    A. A TIG machine is a great welder. BUT, MIG is the way to go unless you are involved with Chrome-moly tubing. MIG is faster and easier to use. About 85% of the NASCAR teams use MIG to assemble chassis. Yates and Penske are a couple teams who prefer to TIG chassis.
    A Millermatic 210 or Millermatic Vintage is usually the machine of choice.
    For your Stainless material you will want a TIG. For the amount of TIG Stainless you might have to do, get the Syncrowave 180SD. This way you should be able to weld all you need to.