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  • Miller XMT 300 CC/CV

    Hi, I am new to the forum.
    I recently purchaced an XMT 300 CC/CV Serial #KA846701. It is a 208 3 phase machine. I was told the machine should run 230 volt single phase. I have tried the machine both ways and it does not have any power output at the leeds. The meters and fan come on. When I adjust the amperage or voltage knobs there is no change on the meters. I do not have voltage at RC4-1 which is the weld enable signal to PC-1 circuit control card. the wire to RC4-1 goes to the current transformer. The current transformer (CT1) reads 005.0 ohm. When I switch the machine between remote and on (S-3) the machine also makes a buzzing sound (IGBT?). I have checked all of the diodes and also TP1 and every thing checks out OK. I was wondering if the current transformer CT1 could be the culprit?
    any help woud be great!

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    I may be wrong here but wouldnt you still need some kind of remote for output? I mean even if you put it on panel you still need a foot pedal or a trigger or some kind of remote for out put right? Do you not have a wire feeder and a lead or some dinse connector tig torches for it to try to weld or not? Im not to sure on the 300 but i do know for a fact that the 304xmt has an auto link on it for either three phase or single phase.


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      Yep your screwed here that machine was designed ONLY for 208 3phase for for some company called "Rock Island"
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