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How do I get a nicer bead when welding aluminum?

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  • How do I get a nicer bead when welding aluminum?

    Q. I have an Aerowave Full Feature model. I build race car chassis, and I'm quite adept at it. My question is, when welding 5052 aluminum sheet .040 for tunnels etc., I wish to get a nicer bead than I'm getting now. What tungsten sharpened or balled, what filler and size and machine settings, pulse or not frequency balance etc., should I use? Would 3003 alum work better for this? I've seen the work Haas does - it's very nice. My 4130 is as pretty, but I can't seem to get my alum as nice on the thin stuff. (Submitted by: Dan Beaudry from Unknown)

    A. 3003 is better for this type of work. At least that's what is mostly done around here. I would use a 4043 or 1100 filler with a .040 or 1/16 Ceriated tungsten sharpened. Set the machine around 15-25 amps positive and 55-60 amps negative with a frequency of 80-90 and balance at 70. This should give you a good starting point. The 3003 will be easier to work with also.