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Need help identifying a welder I bought!

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  • Need help identifying a welder I bought!

    I bought an older miller gas powered portable welder. All of the tags and decals have been painted over and I have no idea what model it is. It has an onan motor with dual exhaust and electric start. There is nothing on the front of the engine except an on/off toggle switch, a push-button start and an oil pressure guage. I think the engine is fairly old because it has an oil-bath air cleaner! The welder has the old-style push-in leads. One ground, and seven different spots to plug the stinger lead in above that. (all in a row across) There is one single 110v two-prong outlet on the welder end also. I do have the numbers off the onan engine: Mod&spec # CCKB-MS/3639J ser# E790419155 that is the only numbers I can find. There is a big plate (4"X6") riveted in the center of the welder face plate. The numbers: F104188 are stamped in that, but I wonder if that wasn't added by someone because it does not look factory and it does not come up on miller's website either. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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    Sounds like a miller legend. '70's model i'd guess


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      If Miller doesn't have a front plate look here. ...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Welder id

        Congratulations on your new used welder!!! I have one of those 70's or early 80's Miller setting in my yard right now. Have had it for about 20 years and I can testify that those old models are almost bullet proof.
        The model is probably an ( AEAD 200LE). That Onan is a better power plant than you will find today. Only problem with those engines was with the ignition point mechanism that would wear with use and had to be set often (yearly). A new set of points works wonders too.
        For other information, those old welders were wired with "real" metal that didn't corrode away like aluminum does. The copper wound generator far outlasted the light ones found today. I gave 300 for mine and is considered a treasure!!!!!
        Remember to switch the knife switch back and forth for power or welding. Switch is located under the left lower panel that folds up on the side.
        When they say obsolete, they mean no parts available, no parts lists known, no model in the "system". Go to the auto parts store to find Onan parts.
        Good luck.


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          If you need Onan parts you can check at
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