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Which Syncrowave should I use in my chassis shop?

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  • Which Syncrowave should I use in my chassis shop?

    Q. Andy,we just bought 6 used Syncrowave 250, one 350,and a 351.Which one of these units should I keep for my chassis shop?? Also,I see the questions and replies about MIG welding 4130. I think this controversy over methods is probably operator / skill dependant?? Your thoughts please?? (Submitted by: Charlie Thornton from Woodbury,Tn)

    A. Looks like you kit the jackpot on the Syncrowaves!
    My preference is the 250 if it has a serial number past KA******. This is because the later units used a different type of current feedback system that made them better on thinner material. My second choice would be the 351. It is easy to add options to and fits nicely in corners.
    It is operator skill for Chrome-moly, and situation dependent. But when I'm not the one there physically, I choose to advise the better of the two. Yea we all MIG weld Chrome-moly. And using the right filler in the right weldment with the right triangulation, it's fine. The point is, MIG is a more "violent" transfer of weld material than TIG. The cohesion between base metal and filler is more uniform with TIG. In environments where the welded material has to be done quicker, MIG might be the only answer.